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Platinum Pixel provided comprehensive digital marketing solutions for Grayson Pro-Tech, a security dealer and installation company based in Denison, TX, serving customers across Northern Texas & Oklahoma. Our team delivered a professional website, consistent social media management, and content marketing services. We also implemented a multi-location marketing strategy to enhance their visibility across all 98 local cities they serve.
Grayson Pro-Tech received a high-converting, professional website with advanced search engine optimization tailored to their target markets. Utilizing our proprietary "Near Me" technology, we launched dedicated websites for each of the 98 local markets they serve. These individual sites provide a unique and effective approach to boost visibility in their service areas. Our team implemented local SEO, content marketing, and social media campaigns to generate actionable opportunities throughout all their target markets.

Elevate Your Presence in Local Markets

Dedicated Near Me Websites

These are not mere references on your site regarding your service or location areas, nor are they just unique pages within your site about those areas. These are exquisitely designed and uniquely optimized local websites that enable you to compete with every other local business in all your markets effectively.

Multi-Layered Search Engine Optimization

Imagine on-page optimization taken to the next level, where your site dynamically optimizes your business for hundreds or even thousands of locations or service areas. Our technology and optimization experts configure your brand to ensure visibility across all your markets.

Forge 1-to-1 Personal Connections

Searchers demand local results on Google. By presenting your brand with a dedicated site exclusively for each city you serve or your business is located in, you can achieve superior rankings, increased visibility, and higher conversions, period.

Near Me Local SEO Strategy

Our local internet marketing team are also experts in multi-location SEO. We excel at marketing all your locations and service areas simultaneously, leveraging our technology to optimize cost-effectiveness across your markets.

Social Media Marketing Content Distribution

For each location where you maintain a social media presence, our team employs best practices and advanced technology to distribute content not only to your primary location's social media accounts but also across any additional social channels you have established for your various locations.

Hyper-Local Content Marketing

Content is the cornerstone of a successful online marketing campaign. We create rich, engaging content that is tailored to each local market's unique characteristics and needs. This content is strategically deployed across local market blogs, social profiles, and dedicated "near me" websites to maximize its impact.

Local Phone Call Tracking & Recording

Effective phone call tracking can be challenging without the right system in place. Our system not only tracks incoming calls but also records the conversations, providing valuable insights into lead quality. You can review these recordings at your convenience, enabling more informed follow-ups and responses.

Comprehensive Multi-Location Marketing Reports

Our consolidated multi-location marketing dashboard compiles data on online rankings, leads, website traffic, phone calls, and more. It provides multi-location businesses with a holistic view of their marketing efforts, enabling them to assess their true, closed-loop return on investment.

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